1916.11.09.De James Little and Co.Glasgow

James Little & C°
69 Buchanan Street, Glasgow

9th November, 1916
Mssrs Worms & Co
45, boulevard Haussmann - Paris

Dear Sirs,
We have observed, with pleasurable interest, a Report that you have purchased a large piece of ground on the river Seine for the erection of Shipbuilding Yards, to be known as "Les Ateliers et Chantiers de la Seine Maritime".
In this connection, it has suggested itself to us to inform you that we have influential shipbuilding friends in this neighbourhood who have under consideration the idea of joining forces with an Establishment in France upon the lines of an arrangement whereby they would undertake the technical part of the constructional work.
We should be much obliged if you would let us know whether, in principle, such an arrangement would be considered by you to be of interest in connection with the new Establishment with which you are identified, and we would then go closely into the matter with the Shipbuilders, and endeavour to submit it to you in more concrete shape.

[Signature illisible]


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