1916.09.29.De Robert Mackill and Co.Glasgow

Robert Mackill & C°
Steam Ship Owners and Brokers 53, Bothwell Street

Glasgow, 29th Sept. 1916
Messrs. Worms & Co. Paris

Dear Sirs,
We had this pleasure yesterday.
Marseilles. We have to-day applied for a Licence for the "Gijones" and hope to get a telegram from the War Trade Department in the morning that everything is in order, when we will get charter signed and copies issued.
Andalusian Railway. We have a letter from Messrs. Burness this morning advising us you have a contract to supply this Railway with Welsh Coal, but cannot get the release of same from the Admiralty at present and that you would like to know what good locomotive Coal we could get here for the use of this Railway together with prices. In reply, the October price for Gartshore is 32/- per ton and for Russell's Polmaise 3l/6d per ton. Both of these Coals are suitable for locomotive purposes, perhaps the Hartshore the better of the two. We enclose you analysis of the Polmaise but unfortunately there is no analysis of Gartshore. We also send you analysis of Bannockburn which is favourably known on the Danish Railways and a Coal of good and uniform quality and well screened. The Colliery price of this is 32/- per ton FOB and they have a fairly good output, in fact there would be usually no difficulty in stemming 3.000 tons with the option of these three Brands.
With regard to the steamers that are presently carrying Ore to the Clyde, quite a number of them are directed by the Admiralty but we do not think there is the slightest chance of the Admiralty directing tonnage to load Coal for any of the Spanish ports. Today the freight for Barcelona is 50/- per ton, in fact a 2.600 tonner is about fixed at this price and we should say that the rate for Malagga, Alicante and Almeria would just be about the same.
If there is any further information you would like we are at your service, and shall be glad if you can make business for either of the above Coals.
We think Messrs. Goodyear of Liverpool have a steamer coming round to Glasgow in the beginning of the week to load Gartshore Coal for Malagga but understand this cargo is for navigation purposes, viz., bunkering a line of steamers that calls there.
We are, Dear Sirs,
Yours faithfully,

[Signature illisible]

Messrs. Burness advise that the Andalusian Railway is amalgamated with the Southern Spanish Railway who export a large quantity of Ore consigned to Messrs. Baird and Messrs. Russell. Messrs. Baird are large importers of Iron Ore but Messrs. Russell are Coal Masters pure and simple.

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