1916.09.21.De James Burness and Sons.Londres

James Burness & Sons
London and 3, Bute Crescent, Cardiff
138, Leadenhall Street

London, 21st September 1916
Messrs Worms & C° - Paris

Dear Sirs,
We were very grieved to learn from you on the telephone that Mr. Parker died at Marseilles last night. Meanwhile you advised us that two or three days before that gentleman's death Messrs. H. C. Vivian & Co. gave notice to terminate the Agreement on the 31st December which, you remarked, was indeed very bad of them in as much as last year they asked for something and got it; the outlook of matters at Marseilles at present was therefore most unfavourable.
You added you did not know who would carry on the firm of Watson & Parker as you believed Mr. Parker had no family or only young children - anyhow you supposed somebody would try to keep the business alive. You said you were not in the habit of trying to get other people's business but that Mr. Parker used to get the consignment of the Hudson's Bay Co's steamers & if the Company were to continue their Agency with whomever is left to carry on the firm you would have nothing to say, but if they had only given the business to the firm for Mr. Parker's sake & were now likely to make a change you would like to have the business. You realised it was a very delicate matter but you said you would be glad if we would kindly 'feel their pulse' in the matter at an early date, which we will do, and meanwhile perhaps you will kindly keep us advised as to anything your people may hear locally as to what is to happen in connection with the continuance of the firm of Watson & Parker in business or otherwise.
We are, dear Sirs,
Yours truly,

James Burness & Sons

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