1916.07.21.Du Coal Export Committee Westminster.Londres

Coal Export Committee Westminster

London SW, 21st July 1916
H. Shaw Esq.
Secretary - Local Committee for the Supply of Coal to France, Newcastle

Dear Mr. Shaw,
I have laid your letter of yesterday, respecting the export of coal to Franco for use there as bunkers in British vessels before my Committee, and their view is that it would not be practicable in general to discriminate between coal sent to France for use as bunkers or not, and certainly it would not be practicable to discriminate between coal when used as bunkers in French ports for British vessels as distinct from French and other vessels.
The amounts of coal which have been contemplated as those which should be exported to France from the several districts totalling 4.400.000 tons for the months of August and September were, as far as my Committee is aware, intended to include coal to be used as bunkers in French ports for British and other vessels and the Bureau des charbons are expected, of course, to give the necessary Authorisations for the importation of ample coal for the bunkering of British and
other vessels in French ports.
I am sending a copy of the relevant portion of your letter and my reply for the consideration of Monsieur Leon.
Yours truly,

E. J. Elliot

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