1916.06.02.De James Burness and Sons

James Burness & Sons
London and 3, Bute Crescent, Cardiff
138, Leadenhall Street

London, 2nd June 1916
Messrs Worms & C° - Paris

Dear Sirs,
We beg to acknowledge receipt of your favor of the 30th ultimo and quite understand the difficulties which will be found presently in connection with the preservation of the "existing machinery".
With regard to the steamers owned by neutrals, it is evident our Authorities here are going to endeavour to control these vessels as you will see from the notices we are sending you in our other letter to the effect that at the South American ports, Islands & Delagoa Bay, as well as at Allied or Colonial ports, steamers are not to be supplied with any bunker coal unless they are on the White List and we take it that any coaling firm which does not comply with these conditions will render themselves liable to having difficulties put in their way in exporting coal from British sources.
We are, dear Sirs,
Yours truly,

James Burness & Sons

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