1916.03.16.De James Little and Co.Glasgow

James Little & C°
69 Buchanan Street, Glasgow

16th March, 1916
Mssrs Worms & Co
45, boulevard Haussmann - Paris

Dear Sirs,
We have your favour of the 11th inst., and are obliged to you for advising us the present position and your probable intentions later. We have only to again intimate that if, and when, matters materialise and the question of expanding your representation in this country becomes vital, our best services will be gladly at your disposal.
May we remind you that we specialise in the Sale & Purchase and Building of Tonnage and, in this connection, we shall always be most pleased to be of service to you, or to your friends.
Yours faithfully,

James Little Company (Glasgow) Limited
[Signature illisible]

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