1916.03.06.De James Little and Co.Glasgow

James Little & C°
69 Buchanan Street, Glasgow

6h March, 1916
Mssrs Worms & Co
45, boulevard Haussmann - Paris

Dear Sirs,
We have to-day received your favour of the 2nd inst., and beg to thank you for your kind sentiments.
We fear that in our letter of the 24th ultimo, we were somewhat ambiguous in the remarks which prefaced our application.
Pray allow Us, therefore, to explicitly state that we had no intention of seeking to represent you in connection with your coaling business.
On the contrary, we had in view possible developments and extension with French Government business, to engage in which, we understand you have created a regular service of steamers.
In this respect, we are peculiarly adapted and equipped both in Glasgow, Liverpool and London etc., to represent you successfully as our regular coastwise and general business has brought us, after many years valuable experience, into the most intimate and close contact with all the principal merchants and Shippers, etc.
Added to this, we have special berth arrangements which would prove advantageous and beneficial to any such arrangement made between us.
If we correctly understand that your present West coast of England arrangements for representation apply only to coaling, and which we quite appreciate you do not desire to alter, then we shall he obliged if you will take into consideration the facilities we offer apart from any interference with your existing representation.
We shall welcome your further news in reply hereto, and are,
Yours faithfully,

James Little Company (Glasgow) Limited
[Signature illisible]

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