1916.02.24.De James Little and Co.Glasgow.A Worms et Cie Le Havre

James Little & C°
69 Buchanan Street, Glasgow

24th February, 1916
Messrs. Worms & Co
Boulevard de Strasbourg 138, Havre

Dear Sirs,
We venture to address you and to submit for your consideration our special facilities to represent you, should the extension of your present service, or developments pending in connection therewith, render desirable the active and experienced service of Agents, particularly at West Coast ports.
May we be permitted to point out that the Firm of James Little & Co., has been established as Shipowners, Shipbrokers etc., for over 100 years, and we can furnish any reference required which will bear testimony as to our integrity and reputation.
We may mention that our mutual friends, Messrs. Mann, George & Co., are interested in this Company and we can, with every confidence refer to them.
Our firm is established in Glasgow, London, Liverpool, Barrow and Belfast etc. At Liverpool it has its own Dock Office and we are now opening at that City a suite of Offices in the Shipping centre, under capable management, to more effectively transact our general ship-broking business and the work of our coasting services etc.
You will probably be aware that Messrs. Little & Johnston in London, of which firm our Chairman is Senior Partner, have controlled for many years the regular line of steamers to Terneuzen.
In addition to our Shipowning and coasting service operations, we specialize in the sale, purchase and chartering of vessels and it may interest you to know that, in this connection, our good friends Messrs. Thos. C. Steven & Co., of Edinburgh buy and sell all their steamers through us and we have several boats running under Charter in their regular service.
With this digression upon our facilities, permit us to remark that if your operations, present or future, necessitate the appointment of Agents at any of the ports we have mentioned, we would be very glad to be afforded an opportunity of personally discussing such an arrangement and we hold ourselves at your disposal accordingly.
We are, dear Sirs,
Yours faithfully,

James Little Company (Glasgow) Limited
[Signature illisible]

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