1900.08.20.De James Burness and Sons.Londres.Original

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James Burness & Sons

138, Leadenhall Street
London, 20th August 1900

Dear Sirs,

Strike in South Wales.

In view of the Strike on the Taff Vale Railway, over which the bulk of the Coals shipped at Cardiff have to pass, and the uncertainty as to how long it may last, our current quotations for Marseilles, Algiers and Port Said are in the meantime suspended, and we are desired by our friends, Messrs Worms & Go., to intimate that they will reserve existing stocks for contract customers exclusively. They will continue to supply Coal under contract so long as their stocks of Welsh Coal hold out but when these become exhausted they will be reluctantly compelled to claim exemption under their contracts until fresh supplies of Welsh Coal can be provided, and as soon as something more definite can be ascertained as to the probable duration of the stoppage, Messrs Worms & Co. propose to replenish their stocks at these ports with such other descriptions of Coal as may be obtainable, to such an extent as they may be commissioned by their clients to provide for the requirements of their Steamers, and upon such terms as may be mutually agreed.
We are, Dear Sirs,
Yours truly,

James Burness & Sons
Agents for Worms & Co.

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