1900.01.30.De Hull, Blyth and Co.Original

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Hull, Blyth & Co

4, Fenchurch Avenue
London, 30th January 1900


Dear Sirs,
It is with much regret that we find ourselves obliged to advise that, in consequence of the difficulty experienced in obtaining shipments of Pocahontas Coal from Norfolk, Va., at the present time, owing to the block of tonnage there involving a delay which entirely prevents their obtaining tonnage for loading at that port, our Correspondents, Messrs G. I. Taggart
& Co., notify us that they are unable to guarantee supplies of coal, in the meantime, under their contract with you, the circumstances being entirely beyond their control.
We think it well to advise you at once of this, so that you may make such arrangements as will obviate delay to any of your steamers at Savannah in consequence of the difficulties in which our Correspondents are placed. We fully hope that, within a reasonable time, it may be possible for our friends to resume imports of coal as before.
We are, Dear Sirs,
Yours truly,

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