1960.06.02.De James Burness & Sons Ltd.Londres.A Raymond Meynial.Canal de Suez.Compte à demi

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James Burness & Sons Ltd

Burness House, 41, ST Mary Axe, London, E.C.3

2nd June, 1960

For the attention of Mr. Raymond Meynial

Messrs. Worms et Cie,

45, boulevard Haussmann Paris (9e)

Dear Sirs,

We now enclose letter addressed to you setting out the basis of the agreement arrived at between us. The object of this second letter is to confirm that the undersigned guarantee personally that the sum of £260,000 together with interest will be paid to you in accordance with the terms of the first letter enclosed and that we will do our best to make the payments before their due dates.

We should like to express our keen appreciation of the spirit in which the partners of your firm have acted in settling this matter. Their kind and helpful attitude has been very much appreciated.

We are, Dear Sirs,

Yours truly,

James Burness & Sons Ltd


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