1944.11.15.De P. F. Le Bras.Alger


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NB : Note annexée à la déposition de Robert Labbé en date du 6 décembre 1944.

Deputy Ministry of war transport representative North Africa
St Georges Hôtel
Annexe rue Foureau-Lamy Algiers
15th November 1944

To whom it may concern
This is to certify that Monsieur Robert Dhorne, Manager in North Africa for Messrs. Worms & Cie, Ship-owners and Agents, Stevedores, etc... has been in direct contact with this department since the landing North Africa, November 1942, and has cooperated to the best of his ability leaving us with a great appreciation of the services rendered by him and his firm.
We understand that he is proceeding to Metropolitan France for business reasons in connection with the vessels owned by his company, and any assistance that can be rendered to him within the limits of Military and Civilian regulations will be much appreciated.

P.F. Le Bras
French Liaison to M.W.T.R. North Africa

Légalisation de la signature de
M. Le Bras, French Liaison
Officier to M.W.T.R. (N.A.) in Algiers
Signé par British Vice-Consul
(cachet du Consulat britannique)

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