1940.08.10 De Hypolite Worms.Vichy.A Cyril Hurcomb.Londres.Télégramme

10 août 1940

Message from Hypolite Worms - Vichy
To Sir Cyril Hurcomb

Director general ministry of Shipping - London

My journey to Vichy having taken a fortnight, I only arrived here on the second of August. Stop. Hence delay. Stop. Besides understand that foreign Office have withdrawn from french acting Consul general use of code so I believe you have not received coded telegrams which I sent you on the 6th and 8th of August. Stop. This latter telegram was advising you that french government agreed release immediatly all neutral vessels on colonial traffic and that instructions had been sent to ports that ships were free to leave at once or immediatly after discharge for those with cargoes on board. Stop. Please arrange for instructions to be sent to captains as to destination they are to proceed to. Stop. But owing to delays due to length my return journey and withdrawal official french code which has prevented your receiving my previous telegrams must ask you arrange for War Risks Committe extend insurance for french account on ships which cannot materially reach first british port within the thirty days specified your letter 17th july and for the number of days necessary to enable them reach such port. Stop. French government confirming the above through american Embassy.

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