1940.07.17.Du War Risks Insurance Office.A Hypolite Worms.Londres.Original

Copie de lettre, de note Document original

NB : Ce document constitue l'annexe n°5 du rapport d'Hypolite Worms, daté du 1er août 1940.

Ministry of Shipping
War Risks Insurance Office
147/8, Leadenhall Street
London, E.C.3.

17 July 1940
Monsieur Worms
French Transport Mission
Westminster House
2, Dean Stanley Street, SW1

Dear Sir,
I write to call your attention to the fact that in accordance with the terms of the charter parties a number of neutral vessels on time charter to the French Government and now in ports in France or in French possession are insured against war risks with this Office. The certificates of insurance issued in the name of the owners of the vessels contain the following clause:
"The assured warrants that the ship shall not engage in any trade prohibited by H.M. Government in the United Kingdom."
This Office considers itself bound to warn the owners concerned that the operation of this clause might render it impossible for them to recover a loss and that consequently the certificate must be considered of no value to the owner.
As regards Swedish vessels on time charter to the French Government in respect of which this Office is interested as the reinsurer, I am instructed to inform you that the Swedish War Risks Insurance Club has been notified that this Office is unable to accept any further business or renewals in respect of vessels on time charter to the French Government.
Yours faithfully,

[Signature illisible]

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