1940.07.17.De Cyril Hurcomb.A Hypolite Worms.Londres.Original

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NB : Ce document constitue l'annexe n°4 du rapport d'Hypolite Worms, daté du 1er août 1940.

Ministry of Shipping
Berleley Square House,
Berkeley Square, London, W.1.
17 July 1940

Dear Sir,
With reference to the letter from the War Risks Insurance Office of 17th July and our subsequent discussion of the position regarding war risk insurance of neutral vessels on time charter to your government and now in ports in France or in French possessions, I write to say that the ministry of Shipping would be prepared to accept transfer of the time charter from your government of each of the neutral vessels concerned if delivery is given at a british port within the next four weeks, and on the understanding that this will be done, would also be prepared to continue for the same period the war risk insurance cover while the vessel is in port and for the voyage from the port where each vessel now lies to the nearest British port to give delivery. The ministry of Shipping is also prepared to agree that when delivery has been effectued payment of hire and other payments for charter's account by the ministry would be antedated to the time when each vessel sails from the French port. This arrangement would apply as regards both Greek and Swedish vessels.

Yours faithfully,

Sir Cyril Hurcomb

Monsieur Worms
French Transport Mission
Westminster House
2, Dean Stanley Street
Millbank, SW1

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