1940.07.06.Entre Emmanuel Monick et S. D. Waley.Londres.Accord financier


NB : Ce document provient du rapport d'Hypolite Worms, daté du 1er août 1940, dont il constitue l'annexe n°6.

The Treasury will open a French Liquidation Account at the Bank of England.
There will be paid into the account :
-sums due by British Government Departments to the French Government or to persons in France,
-the balances of the French Government account n°1 and Sub Account « A » at the Bank of England and the Accounts of French Government Missions in London, after setting aside the amount required to wind up the work of the Missions.
From the Account, there will be paid sums due to persons in the sterling area by the French Government and organisations organised by the French Government in respect of goods supplie and services rended.
Payments from the Account shall only be made if they have been concluded in a schedule which has been approved in writing by the Financial Attaché of the French Embassy or someone nominated by him.
The Treasury will if necessary make advances to the French Liquidation Account.
Any eventual surplus on the account after the repayment of any advances will be kept on a Suspense Account to the credit of the French Government for settlement after the war.
(Sgd) Emm. Monick (sgd) S. D. Waley

6 July 1940

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