1940.03.09.Note (non signée).Memorandum for Parimontal


Memorandum for Parimontal

Mars 9, 1940
With reference to my letter to Mr. Rosenthal of January 25th, and with reference to his reply dated February 17, and with further reference to several conversations including the one I had with him yesterday in Montreal:
A. I am definitely the owner of 994 shares of Parimontal, Ltd.
That stock is now in Montreal, but will be brought to Boston later. (The other six shares are directors' shares, one for each director).
B. On Wednesday, March 13, the Board of Directors will be elected as follows:
G. F. Doriot Ludwig Rosenthal John Paterson Colin Kemp B. E. Jackman W. H. McLean
C. The name of the company will be changed on the same date, March 13, from Parimontal, Ltd., to Eastern Provinces Administration Ltd.
D. Bankers interested will be notified of the change in name.
E. Mr. Rosenthal has already tried to get rid of Parimontal's lease, but unfortunately, he tells me that it is a three year's lease. He will, however, try to make arrangements to sublet.

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