1937.10.00.De Worms et Cie.Circulaire.(2).Original

Document original

Worms & Co.
45, boulevard Haussmann
Paris, [...] October 1937

Dear Sirs,
We beg to inform you that Mr Charles Colley having retired from our firm on pension as from the 30th September 1937, after twenty-one years service with us, we have appointed Mr V. Lewis Morgan sole manager of our Cardiff Branch office.
We give you below specimen signature of this gentleman, as also those of our accountant, Mr J. F. Wright, who already holds our power of attorney, and M. E. G. Hardess, who has been with our firm for several years past and to whom we are now giving our power of attorney. The joint signatures of the two latter gentlemen are required to engage the responsibility of our Firm.
We are, dear Sirs,
Yours truly.

Worms & Co.

Mr V. Lewis Morgan will sign: P. Pro Worms & Co. [signature]
Mr J. F. Wright will sign: P. Pro Worms & Co. V. Lewis Morgan per [signature]
Mr E. G. Hardess will sign: P. Pro Worms & Co. V. Lewis Morgan per [signature]

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