1919.07.21.De Worms et Cie Newcastle

Double de courrier

NB : La copie image de ce document, de mauvaise qualité, n'a pas été conservée.

Newcastle-on-Tyne, July, 21st 1919
Mrs Worms & Co.

Dear Sirs,
Coal exporters status.
I am in receipt of your favour of the 16th inst. When I wrote to you that Mr. Lee agrees with Mr. Goodger I should have explained that Mr. Lee agrees with Mr. Goodger as regards Paris, Cardiff, Newcastle, etc. being one entity, I thought however from the context of my letter I had made this sufficiently clear. Mr. Lee's contention is that being one entity, that instead of being exporters, we are the French importers. I have heard nothing further from Mr. Hindley.
I am now looking forward with interest to know what has been done by Mr. Loucheur.
You ask me the date when our Newcastle branch was opened. I am sorry to say that I have no actual information on this point. Mr. Ward tells me that the branch was opened by Mr. Arthur Pring before the Crimean War, which will certainly mean that this branch has been established for at least 70 years. I cannot go to our bankers for this information because the bank with whom we then dealt has beer cut of existence for very many years. I have no knowledge that we ever acted here on behalf of the British Admiralty. I do not know if such was the case at Cardiff.

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