1891.10.28.De Worms Josse et Cie.Circulaire.Original

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Worms Josse & Co.
Coaling depots
Port Said, Suez, Marseilles, Zanzibar, Bordeaux and Algiers

44, boulevard Haussmann,
Paris, 28 October, 1891

Dear Sirs,
New coaling depot at Algiers
We have the pleasure to inform you that we have arranged to open a coaling depot at Algiers, which, from its position, seems to offer a favourable port of call for steamers trading to and from the East and BIack Sea; the depot will be conducted as regards quality, weight and general efficiency upon the same footing as our establishments at Marseilles and Port Said, and from the liberal support we have received at those stations we are encouraged to hope that our new venture may be equally successful.
The management of the depot will be in the hands of Mr. R. Lambard, who has the advantage of several years experience in our Port Said firm, and we hope to be in a position to commence operations on the 1st January next.
We have also arranged with our friends, Mrs. James Burness & Sons, of London, to act for us in England in the same way as they do for our Marseilles and Port Said depots; they will at all times be prepared to submit our prices either for the coaling of a single steamer or for a contract over a period.
Trusting you may see your way to favour us with your orders,
We are, Dear Sirs,
Yours truly,

Worms Josse & Co.

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