1871.08.03.De Geo et A. Herring et Cie.Londres.Extrait

Origine : Collection de lettres reçues - liasse 1865-1874

Annexée à la lettre à Hte Worms Port-Saïd du 3 août 1871.

Extrait d'une lettre de MM. Geo & A. Herring & C° - London

En date du 3 août 1871

Port-Saïd - The proposed arrangement with MM. Burness & Sons being somewhat disjointed, we have embodied thé whole matter in a letter to them, of which we send you a copy, and we doubt not they willl now reply to your letter of the 22 of July. We were very much pleased so learn from them this afternoon that they had succeed in getting the coaling of Mrs Greens' "Viceroy" and that, according to present arrangements largest supplies will be taken at Port-Said. This being the first steamer of a very important line, the consignment may lead to a good business, and therefore very satisfactory. In the struggle for the "Viceroy", which was, you may well supppose, a very severe one, we gave Mrs Burness all the assistance in our power.

London, 3 August 1871
Mrs James Burness & Sons - Leadanhall Street

Dear Sirs,

On the 28th of June last, you expressed your willingness to cooperate with our mutual friend, Mr Hte Worms, by the introduction of his Port-Saïd & Suez agencies into your general list of stations, and on the following conditions.
1 - That you should be paid a commission of six pence per ton of all coals supplied by him to English steamers at Port-Said or Suez, and to steamers of foreignflag influeved to his address by you.
2 - That MM. S. Breeze & C° should be allowed by you a commission of six pence per ton, on all their Liverpool business as heretofore.
3 - That the above mentioned commission of six pence per ton paid to you, after deducting commission paid to MM. S. Breeze & C° or other, should be divided between you and ourselves, in the proportion of two thirds to you, and one third to us.
These conditions we submitted the same day to Mr Worms through Mr Henri Goudchaux, expressing our entire concurrence in them, and our belief, that the proposed change, would prove beneficial to his interest.
There is no arrangement other than the foregoing to which Mr Worms could have referred when he wrote to you on the 22nd ult as follow :
I have much pleasure to inform you that my house at Port-Saïd accept the arrangements to be made between us as mentioned by our mutual friends Mrs Geo & A. Herring & Cie.
The second condition being a matter entirely between you and Mrs Breeze & C° is open, of course, to any modification that you and they may agree upon, and our participation in the third condition is, as you are aware, quite satisfactory to us.
As regarde the suggestions of Mr Worms' Port-Saïd house or any other matter of details, we beg you will correspond with Mr Worms direct, and meanwhile, assuring you of our hearty cooperation.

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