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Hte Worms Esq. - 46, rue Laffitte - Paris
Courrier composté à Ardrossan le 18 octobre 1861 et "NGL" Calais le 20 octobre 1861.]

Ardrossan, 18 october 1861
Hte Worms Esq.

Dear Sir,
I wrote you yesterday and I have today received your letter of 16th enclosing bill on London for £ 550, due 24/27 inst. The charges on it are 6/ stamp and 9/6 interest in all 15/6 at your debit.
If you desire it I can ship you Iroon coals at 6/ less 2 ½% qualities known as "Hurlford", "Bourtrehill", "Duke of Portland" but these are useless for [...], the quality "Holmes & Galston" and "Barleith Dollars" are taken. I have lately bought for your Bordeaux House Iroon Coals as low as 5/9 less 2 ½% but quality is inferior and condemned by Mr Schacher. You have therefore I hope no cause to put orders past me.
[Bighou] has advanced 1/ per ton ([Gartsheirie] n°1 - 58 other brands in proportion.
Yours faithfully,

John Krikhoper


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