On 11th January 1918, the cargo ship Barsac is wrecked in front of Le Havre with its load of nickel (in French)

On 9 January 1918, after nearly three months of procrastination between the ministries of the Navy, Public Works and War, the steamer "Barsac" of the company Worms, embarked by transhipment four fifths of the 2,880 tons (2,300 tons) of "nickel-bearing earth", transported from New Caledonia to Brest by "Admiral Halgan". This three-masted was chartered by the company Le Nickel, which chose the branch of the Maison Worms in Brest as consignee. On 11 January 1918, the "Barsac" was torpedoed at the approach of Le Havre, its destination port: twenty of the forty-three sailors perish in the sinking.
The archives of Maison Worms shed special light on the sequence of events that led to this tragedy.

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