1916.01.29.De James Burness and Sons.Londres

James Burness & Sons
London and 3, Bute Crescent, Cardiff
138, Leadenhall Street

London, 29th January 1916
Messrs Worms & C° - Paris

Dear Sirs,
In re Messrs Alfred Holt & Co.
Further in reference to our private lines of yesterday we have now to advise that we learn confidentially from the same friend to whom we were indebted for the previous information, that for the time being at any rate the outward as well as the homeward boats will proceed to their destinations by way of the Cape of Good Hope, and we intend to mention this to you on the telephone if you come through to us again before our Office closes.
We are, dear Sirs,
Yours truly,

James Burness & Sons

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