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[En-tête :
James Burness & Sons
Line of foreign coal depots
Gibraltar - Marseilles ; Malta - Port Said ; Suez - Aden ; Pt de Galle - Colombo ; Singapore]

138, Leadenhall Street

Dear Sir,
We have the pleasure to inform you that our friends Mrs Worms Josse & C°, who have long been established at Marseilles, have decided to reopen their coal business there, and, as their agents, we have arranged to add that port to our line of coaling stations. We shall therefore be much obliged if you will favour us with your support when any of your steamers may require supplies.
Our friends are now despatching their first cargo from Cardiff, and from the time of its arrival will be in a position to supply steamers with best Welsh coal; encouraged by the result of the system they have followed out in the case of their Port Said depot, they propose to confine their shipments to the best descriptions only, say, ‘'Nixon's Navigation', ‘'Ferndale' and ‘'Ocean', and as far as we are aware, we believe this is the first systematic effort of the kind that will have been attempted in regard to Marseilles.
We may mention that in addition to the coaling of steamers, Mrs Worms Josse & C° will be prepared to undertake any business in a general way that may be entrusted to them; their local representative is now Mr Edmond Coullet who has had the advantage of several years experience in their English and Port Said establishements.
Begging reference to enclosed card giving a revised list our coaling stations.
We are, dear Sir, yours truly.

James Burness & Sons

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