1857.08.08.A Geo Copley - Anglo-French Steam Ship Cy.Grimsby

Origine : Copie de lettres à la presse n°99 - du 15 juillet 1857 au 11 août 1857

Anglo-French Steam Ship Company Ltd
Grimsby, 8th August, 1857
Mr. Geo Copley, Grimsby

Considering that the Anglo-French Company may possibly desire to have some fundamental basis for their intended future operations in establishing their steamers in a regular Trade, I have now to request that you will have the kindness to inform the Directors, that in order to assist them in the accomplishment of their views, I am prepared to offer them for six months a freight from Grimsby to Bordeaux for Two Ships at 18 francs per ton, either for a full cargo of coal or such quantity from 300 tons and upwards, as may be convenient to the Company. And in the same manner I offer, to guarantee for Two Ships to Hamburg, 5 shillings per ton, for Coal that may be shipped either as cargo or ballast, also, as may be most convenient to the Company; and will enter into this engagement for Six or for Twelve months.
It is evident that the Anglo-French Company will thus be in a position to commence their operations for Goods Traffic with these two Ports, with the certainty of a Freight which will so far diminish the risk always consequent on such undertakings. Or if the Directors would prefer it, I will charter two Ships to load at Grimsby, at 18 francs, for Bordeaux, to go from thence to load at Cardiff, at 11 francs, for Havre or Dieppe at my option, and to return to load at Grimsby for Bordeaux, continuing this circuit for twelve months, making 29 francs per ton for the two voyages. I beg to assure the Company that, in making these proposals, I have no other object in view than to forward their interests, and in the event of the Directors accepting my offers, I will exert all my influence and endeavours to create and organise a Goods Traffic. My Agents at the different Ports, to be (as is reasonable) the Agents of the Company.
Yours sincerely,
Hypolite Worms

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