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Latest publications

  • On 11th January 1918, the cargo ship Barsac is wrecked in front of Le Havre with its load of nickel (in French)

    On 9th January 1918, after nearly three months of prevarication between the Navy, the department of Public Works, and the War Ministry, the steamer "Barsac" takes on board about 2,000 tons of nickel-bearing earth. This represents four-fifths of the 2,880 tons that had been transported from New Caledonia to Brest by the sailing vessel "Amiral-Halgan", a ship of the Société des chargeurs de l'Ouest, chartered by the company Le Nickel, which chose the Worms & Cie branch of Brest as its maritime agent. Heading towards Le Havre where it has to deliver its cargo, the "Barsac" is torpedoed and sinks, on the evening of 11th January, 14 miles from its port of arrival. Twenty crew members perish and only seven people escape. Due to a lack of communication between the Brest branch and Le Nickel, the cargo seems not to have been insured by the latter. Compensation for acts of war became the subject of a dispute between Worms & Cie and the Administration under the various agreements signed on 30 January 1917, 18 and 19 December 1917 and 7 January 1918.
  • Hypolite Worms' London Mission – November 1939-July 1940 (in French)

    Maritime Transport Mission and Anglo-French Maritime Transport Committee Work of the French delegation and achievements between 1 December 1939 and 10 June 1940, the date on which communications ceased between London and Paris Report of 1 August 1940 to the French authorities in Vichy by Hypolite Worms on his mission: Worms agreements of 4 July 1940 Hypolite Worms accused of having sold the French merchant fleet to the British Hypolite Worms returned to Paris (September 1940); follow-up to the Worms agreements...