50 years of shipbuilding on the banks of the Seine - the ACSM & their garden city - 1917-1966 (in French)

This study is devoted to the history of the Ateliers & Chantiers de la Seine-Maritime since their foundation in 1916-1917 until their merger with the Chantiers de La Ciotat in 1966. It also endeavours to retrace the life of the garden city to which the ACSM gave birth. It is based on an analysis of the totality of the archive collections relating to shipbuilding and the urbanisation of the city of Le Trait, which Worms & Cie has previously conserved, and of which Phoramm Sàrl now ensures the valorisation.
Christian Lebailly, historian of the Maison Worms, is responsible for the publications on the website www.wormsetcie.com. Mathieu Bidaux, an academic specialising in history and publishing, is the author of a biographie on André Marie, statesman, deputy for the Seine-Maritime.

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